There are a lot of social issues in the world, which most of us didn’t know about it. A seamless and non-aggressive way to share is by saying it with what you wear. We decide to say it with a T-shirt. Reallytee, a T-shirt that only speaks the truth.

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OMG IDK. Oh My God. I Don’t Know.

arki’s reallytee

Every 5 seconds somebody goes blind. Cataracts are the number 1 cause of blindness in the world.

CYNDY’s reallytee

Six million children children die from hunger every year. Now you know why we should not waste food.

MONIQUE’s reallytee

25,000 children die everyday. Poverty has taken them away.

SHENNY’s reallytee

Almost half of the world over 3,000,000 live on less than $250 a day. Some say it’s nothing, but for others it’s everything.

“we sold 58 tshirts. Half of the profit we use to bless the visually handicap by coming down with the drums circle. We rocked the house down.”

Reallytee Founders

“Live a lover's life, circumspect & exemplary.”

All quotes are from The Message Bible. Cyndy Messah 2014.