POnd’s website revamp 2.0

Healthy skin inside and beautiful outside. This is how Pond’s evolved to be a premium brand through its newest brand guides. Black portion, represent how the products has effects inside your skin while the white portion shows how your skin looks beautifully at the outside. We are to revamp the previous designed website to incorporate this look and feel.

UI Design






Show the newest key visual and products upfront.

Journey page

Horizontal scrolling through the years.

Product List

Different product types are consistenly cropped and placed neatly.

Product Details

Shows product TVC, key ingredients and suggest relevant contents.

Article Page

Articles are written on problems people usually has, tell them what product to use or suggest other articles that user might want to read.

“Live a lover's life, circumspect & exemplary.”

All quotes are from The Message Bible. Cyndy Messah 2014.